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Girlfriend’s sick…


I envy anyone who has sun or ocean right now. Spring break is two weeks away, and promises showers here in Portland.

…and not able to blog today. (Plus, she has outdone herself on procrastination and now faces due dates.)  Check back Tuesday for a blog on teachers that will blow up your mind.

For Wednesday, I promise the fashion post you all (all five of you) have been waiting for (but didn’t know it).


Feeling my way: a mission statement of sorts

The beginning of things like this can be awkward, so let’s just get it over with.

I hope to use this blog to share my odd little kitchen experiments, fashion discoveries, and subjects on current events that I am reading about.  You may find my food recipes are strange, fashion taste somewhat eccentric, and my views on the news (should I share them) controversial or just wrong- and you should!

It is my goal to make this blog an open environment.  If you have advice to share on a recipe, please do!  I am still learning.  If you have a fashion discovery of your own or think an outfit I post is ooo-glay, share!  And if you have something to say about politics or international topics, I am dying to know, especially if you disagree.  To add politics to a food/fashion blog is a crazy experiment for the blogging world, but these are the things that interest me.  I will try my best not to air my own opinions without explanations, and am more likely to highlight a column or blog I find interesting rather than writing something of my own (there may be some exceptions- I cannot hold back all the time).  I will do my best to bring these subjects together, which you may think at first is impossible, but I’ve already got an endless list of ideas (I am thinking now of a post analyzing the similarities and differences between Santorum, beef jerky, and a moo-moo: interpret as you may).

I also hope at some point to add a travel dimension to this blog, but for now my travel is limited to the East side of Portland.  I promise to post some of the pictures of places I have been in the past, because I was fortunate when I was a kid to travel a lot.  More to come.

Some stuff about me: I am a senior in college in Portland living with my boyfriend, Adam, and a fluffy little cat named Tabitha.


I am studying International Affairs and English. After graduation, Adam, Tabs, and I hope to uproot ourselves to Southern California (represent!) to start something new. If I am frazzled now, it’s because I’m mid-thesis (who am I kidding? I’m just starting…ugh) and revving up to get out of college. I will try my best to keep things going on here.

This blog for me is a chance to speak up. I am intensely shy in most situations, and this has become a source of major frustration for me lately. When you are this shy, it is easy to hide from people and to come across as rude.  The solution may seem easy for people who do not have this problem, but for us anxiety-prone quiet folks out there, socializing can be a constant nightmare. I do not want to use this blog as an escape from this, it is something that I have to face head-on. But I do hope that by writing down some of the things that are nagging at the back of my throat, I can at least feel some catharsis, and maybe make some friends along the way!