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Monday Round-up

I’ve been a fickle blogger recently and I think the next 27 days (woot woot!) will be no improvement. I’m on the final countdown for thesis + two term papers before graduation, am hosting a speaker for a symposium at my school for the next few days, and am organizing an event for a club I am a part of for next weekend. On top of that, I have yet to replace my no-good camera-transfer gizmo, which totally blows because I have some amazing food I want to show you.

So, please forgive me that this might be spotty for a while. I’ll keep the round-ups coming and do as much as the days allow me to. And I vow to get a new gizmo before next week.

Current events:

I’m just going to highlight one, because my thesis just happens to be on the U.S. sanctions regime on Burma (I call it Burma rather than Myanmar because that is how the U.S. refers to it during my time period, not as a personal statement), and the latest news has added joy, confusion, and a lot of other mixed emotions to my already meddled thoughts on sanctions:

“U.S. to ease sanctions on Myanmar”.


Thank you, Hillary, for confirming that my findings are baller (inside joke with myself?).


Breakfast tacos with kale-cilantro chimichurri sauce, Naturally Ella.

Chicken and soba noodle soup, Williams Sonoma – made this for dinner tonight. I’ll feature our version sometime: very good.

Heirloom tomatoes, Tartelette.

Meyer lemon doughnuts, Flower Child.


Advanced Style is by far the most fun of the fashion blogs I read. These ladies (and gentlemen, occasionally) are not just style icons. We have a lot to learn from their spunk, humor, and amazing stories.


Need Supply spring lookbook

I know I have featured Need Supply before, but their new spring lookbook is so fun I couldn’t not share:

Please flip through the whole lookbook. It’s so great.

technical difficulties

Due to technical difficulties (again), I’m going to need to delay my food post (again). I will go and get some replacement equipment and make sure next week is dedicated to food (but really, what week isn’t?).

So I’m going to flake out with another master list. But I think this is important. As a fashion lover, I have a tendency to highlight mostly high fashion, and overly expensive fashion. But come on, a lot of the stuff I love to look at is not affordable (or for that matter, sensible). They are things to admire from afar.

I don’t shop much, but when I do it’s either at the sale rack or one of these sites:

Of course, some of these still have some expensive things, but they also have lots more affordable options.

rain in the forecast

We had a surprisingly sunny day today here in Portland. It was lovely. But we now face another week of rain. Even though I’m really sick and tired of this persistently bad weather, dressing for it never gets old.

Here’s a a list of dream rainware (i.e. things I could not afford, but are pretty to look at and at least somewhat practical). I realize this isn’t helpful for most people in the world at this point, consider it my online rain dance to help you ward off the impending drought (especially to you guys at home:)).

Some of these may be a little Portland-centric. Hipster-ness comes from the rain actually, which is why it eventually seeps into us all.

Penfield, Wmns Seabury Olive coat– I had a hard time picking one. Basic, but stylish raincoats.

Good Night, Day, Elora Slouchy Toque (Merino Wool)– simple, beautiful knitwear.

Pendleton: the Portland Collection, blankets!– I can’t wait to do a post on Pendleton.

A Peace Treaty, Origami Scarf (sold at Need Supply)

Native Shoes, Fitzsimmon boot– coolest unisex shoes out there. Adam and I are going to split a pair (just kidding, that wouldn’t work).

Monday Round-up

This weekend was subsumed by my spring break, which was really just one long weekend. Luckily, I did no homework all the way up to the very end, unless you count a third of your thesis as homework (which I do. two-thirds done, baby!). But this spring break was pretty successful: enjoyed great company and food, watched a few too many crappy romantic comedies, and cooked a few recipes I’ve been putting off (more on those later).

Did I mention I wrote a third of my thesis?

Anyway, here’s your round-up:


The Wren summer 2012 lookbook has me so excited for the sun. You have to wait a little before you can buy the collection online, but if you like it, check out their spring collection.

Current events:

Thesis lovin’ time: Aung San Suu Kyi and hope for democracy in Myanmar (ooo, I should tell you guys all about my thesis!)

What to do about Syria….

All eyes on the Muslim Brotherhood

I really appreciated this opinion piece from the NYT on the “politics” of going to college. (Ooops, did I just give myself away with those meaningful “” ‘s? My bad.)

Pasadena, my hometown, made the NYT. And since it’s not January 1 (i.e. the Rose Bowl), you should just assume it’s bad news.


First of all, I made both the cauliflower soup and the purple cabbage pesto from last week’s MR. Both were five stars (out of five). I have a jar of pesto left (1/2 head of cabbage goes a longgg way) and am trying of a different vehicle than pasta to slurp it up with this week. Any suggestions?

Peach crumble oatmeal from The Yellow House. I can’t wait to make this for breakfast the moment nice peaches appear in my store! Also, I love this blog!

Miso soup with butternut squash, poached egg, and spinach from La Fuji Mama. Fuji Mama lived in Japan for several years and shares many of the authentic Japanese dishes she learned to make there. I can’t wait to try them all.

Pumpkin gnocchi with pumpkin seed pesto from Notions & Notations of a Novice Cook. I can’t believe I just found this beautiful blog. The young woman of Notions & Notations is an imaginative cook with a beautiful eye for food photography (and all in her spare time while being a medical student!). Her blog is proof that food photography really is an art.

Boozy watermelon-rosemary lemonade from Food 52. Oh Food 52, you never let us down.

Rhubarb pie by Jennifer Wang, another inspiring food blogger. I love the colors of rhubarb, and I have a feeling this will be my last chance to find the stuff fresh. Pie anyone?

Have you ever brewed your own beer at home? I’ve been eyeing kits like the one below for a while (seeing as I have no clue how to make beer on my own). I’d love to hear about your experiences…


I love everything about Ruche, down to the lovely story of its creation. A good example of what love, persistence, and a little ingenuity can make…

And with a fall lookbook so dreamy, how could I not share it? Of course, I had trouble getting some of the actual lookbook pictures, so I will share what I was able to re-post (sorry for my lacking technical know-how; it goes against everything my generation stands for):







Now, I apologize another non-affiliated plug for a store I just love, but if you like what you see (which you do), you can find the rest of their collection here.

Tonight, I had the pleasure of seeing David Brooks speak for the World Affairs Council of Oregon. He was as smart and quick as his columns make him out to be. Of course, we don’t see eye to eye on everything–reflections to come. So far it’s been a busy spring break. I promise to be more loyal to this young blog in the days to come, though. And to my aggravating thesis.

Happy Humpday (yeah, I decided the “H” should be capital), everyone!

Monday Round-up

I’ve been moving so much the last few days, eating delicious food and enjoying wonderful company. If only I didn’t still have 2/3 a thesis to write…

This week’s round-up (I’ve been away from the internet a lot this week, so this will be short):

Current events:

The effectiveness of web activism– NY Times

Not a current event, but I loved this article on the brain and love– NYT


Have you read Decade Diary? It’s a blog of fashion and illustration that incorporates passion, talent, and pure beauty. I drool over it daily.


Carrot cake pancakes from Smitten Kitchen (Deb from Smitten Kitchen sells her gorgeous food photos, and prefers they not be used on other sites, so go check out that pretty picture on your own)


Cookie butter from Trader Joe’s. If you haven’t tried this yet, you really should. Its addictive, cookie taste may replace the real thing. But as the woman at the check out line in Trader Joe’s pointed out, it doesn’t have to. Cookie butter is great spread on cookies. What kind, you ask? Any. Put this on everything.

Paul Bertolli’s cauliflower soup from Food 52:

Honey Kennedy’s cake post inspired me to try to like cake (I’m very picky about cake for some reason). I especially want to try this lemon cake from Honey & Jam (another excellent, beautiful, and scrumptious blog):

Sorry for Monday. My thoughts are with all who are not enjoying spring break.


I think Colenimo’s spring/summer ’12 collection is one of my favorites I have seen. The lookbook is whimsical and the clothes understated but timeless. Check it out!

Happy Friday, all!

Fashion Month II

So, I promised a couple sequels to Fashion Month coverage and I never forget.

And now that I’ve scared you over the Internet, let’s just hop to it.


Rag & Bone

I love how NW this collection feels. I’d love to bundle up in these sweater dresses, slide on my (plastic) leather gloves, and go walk in the woods.


Okay, I think these first two are the two most memorable collections from New York and for completely different reasons. Marchesa is always full of tulle an all things feminine, but what I love about this collection is that it is actually very dark and Gothic. It’s art.

Jil Sander

Okay, I hate pink, so it’s really strange to me how much I loved this show. It’s so pink and pastel at first, but towards the end the show explodes into the black dresses we have come to expect out of the runways. But at the end of this show, it wasn’t expected. And it was all just beautiful.


Neither of these are good examples, but this collection had me longing for Downton Abbey to return–about a year too early. And what I loved most, apart from every single piece’s beauty? The return of flats. And thank goodness for that.

Happy Wednesday all! (If you have any suggestions for formatting or posts, please leave a comment. I could use some input.)



Monday Roundup

We have both been sick all weekend. On the bright side, it meant little thesis for me, but that’s a problem also.  So here’ a quick Monday round-up all my quiet little fancies from the weekend.

Let’s start with food this time:

Guinness pudding from Closet Cooking.  Okay, I know it’s past St. Patrick’s Day, but shouldn’t Guinness be celebrated year round? It’s delicious.

Purple Cabbage Pesto pasta from The Yellow House:

“Snowballs”, Mexican Wedding Cakes, Russian Tea Cakes, or whatever you want to call them from Lottie + Doof.  My favorite!

Rosemary Turkey Meatloaf from Food 52. (This would be a good food for a “Delicious foods that fool you by looking pretty gross” post…I’ll bookmark that one for later.)

Lemonade drumsticks that I may not wait for summer to make, from The Noble Pig (whose blog writer owns a vineyard and tasting room nearby that I can’t wait to visit. I’m a fan!) :

Okay, I hate pink, but just look at these pretty rose martinis from This Is Glamorous.  So romantic.

In the news:

The ongoing crisis in Syria, which I fear is losing attention fast.  Don’t let it.

The tragic ending for a young girl in Morocco because of a very dangerous law gives absolution to a man who commits rape if he marries his victim.

*More reactions to the value-add teacher assessments. What do you think?

*Health care op-ed by Paul Krugman. Very powerful, as always.


Mikkat Market: Have you online window shopped for hours on Mikkat Market yet? I check back here weekly for their unique, affordable pieces (I don’t actually shop very often. Just browse like a maniac. If I were to actually shop though, it would be here.)

Happy Monday!