Welcome to A Quiet Fancy! I am Sarah, a quiet but passionate, college student living in Portland, Oregon. My shyness is a source of constant frustration for me, and I hope to use this blog as an outlet for some of my scattered thoughts and eclectic findings. It’s a project for me to express my thoughts more openly and even though writing is often easier than speaking, I do find this hard.

My passions are in politics/current events, fashion, and food. This may be an odd combination for a blog, but let’s give it a try. I have always felt the need to rationalize my love for fashion, and I hope through this blog I can convey why it is so important to me.

Now for the boring stuff: I always link to the original poster in pictures. I am a little paranoid about not stealing from people, so I will probably put links all over the place in posts that are not my original content. But if somehow you see a source is missing or you do not want your content used, please send a message to aquietfancy@gmail.com.