by aquietfancy

I love everything about Ruche, down to the lovely story of its creation. A good example of what love, persistence, and a little ingenuity can make…

And with a fall lookbook so dreamy, how could I not share it? Of course, I had trouble getting some of the actual lookbook pictures, so I will share what I was able to re-post (sorry for my lacking technical know-how; it goes against everything my generation stands for):







Now, I apologize another non-affiliated plug for a store I just love, but if you like what you see (which you do), you can find the rest of their collection here.

Tonight, I had the pleasure of seeing David Brooks speak for the World Affairs Council of Oregon. He was as smart and quick as his columns make him out to be. Of course, we don’t see eye to eye on everything–reflections to come. So far it’s been a busy spring break. I promise to be more loyal to this young blog in the days to come, though. And to my aggravating thesis.

Happy Humpday (yeah, I decided the “H” should be capital), everyone!