Fashion Month II

by aquietfancy

So, I promised a couple sequels to Fashion Month coverage and I never forget.

And now that I’ve scared you over the Internet, let’s just hop to it.


Rag & Bone

I love how NW this collection feels. I’d love to bundle up in these sweater dresses, slide on my (plastic) leather gloves, and go walk in the woods.


Okay, I think these first two are the two most memorable collections from New York and for completely different reasons. Marchesa is always full of tulle an all things feminine, but what I love about this collection is that it is actually very dark and Gothic. It’s art.

Jil Sander

Okay, I hate pink, so it’s really strange to me how much I loved this show. It’s so pink and pastel at first, but towards the end the show explodes into the black dresses we have come to expect out of the runways. But at the end of this show, it wasn’t expected. And it was all just beautiful.


Neither of these are good examples, but this collection had me longing for Downton Abbey to return–about a year too early. And what I loved most, apart from every single piece’s beauty? The return of flats. And thank goodness for that.

Happy Wednesday all! (If you have any suggestions for formatting or posts, please leave a comment. I could use some input.)