Ulyana Sergeenko

by aquietfancy

As I was reading Honestly WTF yesterday morning, I found out I had missed over half of Ulyana Sergeenko’s fall collection! You may have already seen it. Probably, because it’s amazing. I didn’t think you could even get more amazing than her last collection, but she did it. I love things that feel old, and this feels both that and refreshing to me after this season when there wasn’t much that I fell head over heels for (I mean, not as much as usual, and mostly because everyone used my beloved cows).

Here’s a preview of a couple favorites (but what is favorite when it’s all perfect? (actually, there’s a pair of what look like overalls that makes me a little uncomfortable, but the model isn’t wearing a shirt underneath them, so maybe that’s why) ):

(Oh yeah, and brought to you by Russian Vogue.  Cool, huh?)

(Wish I had seen this yesterday to include the last one in my moss green post.)

Yesterday I read an article I wanted to share, but I warn you, don’t read it if you love animals but aren’t already a vegetarian or planning to become one:  New York Times: Mark Bittman, “The Human Cost of Animal Suffering”

I cried. Really. In the library. But it was partly because of thesis (just kidding).

Happy Th(ank God it’s almost Friday)ursday!