mossy sleeves for trees

by aquietfancy

The title of this post is a love poem for green.

Today, there was snow on the ground from last night and the sun came out for a little while and filled my heart with love songs. But the sun is supposed to go into hiding again for another week here, and probably another month or so after that. I really do love the rain, but about this time every year, it starts to weigh on me again. We really are tuned for light.

One thing we Oregonians can be thankful for is the green we are lucky enough to have all year round. And last Friday I decided to go on a hike through the forest near my school and enjoy all that green.

I thought I’d share some of these colors with you, especially if you haven’t been to the NW. I’m pretty sure these hues are unique to this climate.

But wait, isn’t this a fashion, food, and current events blog? Well, I thought it might be nice to put some of my pictures together with this season’s fashions, mostly from the runway. As I was searching for pictures, I realized just how few colors there are on the runway this season. It didn’t seem that way to me at first, but I think that has something to do with how much red there was. The fact that designers even used red made it harder for me to realize that most other clothes were neutrals or pastels. Hmmm…thoughts…

Rochas (pre-fall)


(I love how the black and gold layers almost seem green.)


Oscar de la Renta

Maison Scotch from Scotch & Soda


Lindsey Wixson in Muse Magazine, by Will Davidson

Boy. By Band of Outsiders spring ad campaign with pretty, pretty Michelle Williams.

I can’t wait until it’s a little sunny, but I guess for all this it’s maybe worth it.

And for the heck of it, here’s a picture of Tabitha sitting on the computer and watching The Daily Show. (She seems to like Jon Stewart; I have evidence of this happening more than once.):