Fashion Month

by aquietfancy

For most of the last month, it took checking fashion week to wake me up in the morning.  I asked my boo to bring me my computer in bed (I’m slowly becoming a sloth, so slowly I may already be one) and immediately go to Fashionologie (I do check Vogue too, which I will go back to because I am 98% sure Fashionologie doesn’t post collections in the right order, which to me is practically a sin. The advantage of Fashionologie is it has coverage of some of the designers Vogue seems to have abandoned in the last few years and because of that they are no longer my go-to runway site).  Fashion week has replaced coffee in my morning wake-up routine (not really. Nothing can replace coffee).

After nine hours of classes (how does that even happen?), I don’t think I can do the long fashion month highlight post I ambitiously planned on doing, so I think I will divide it up into, let’s say, three posts. (I really am becoming a sloth.)

(I have realized that parenthesis may be my blog “thing”, and I’m going to rationalize this early choice by adding that these parenthetical side-notes probably capture how I talk in real life.  I’m a confusing, side-note kind of gal).

Let’s get on with it (“That’s what she said!(?)”):


One thing that I love about Balenciaga is that the clothes change drastically every season while sticking to one, kind of radical taste. Another thing: Balenciaga knows what shoes women don’t know they want. You don’t believe me? You know those platform boots Mary-Kate Olsen probably still wears all the time? The ones that outdid Baby Spice with their ten-inch high intergallactic biker-gangness? Bet you didn’t think you’d come to love them. But you did.


Cacharel makes me want to wear only pastels, stocking (no matter how itchy they are), and knitwear.

Derek Lam:

Isn’t that last shot beautiful? Derek Lam has for a long time been my favorite designer. My problem though (and it’s a big one), is that since he first started he has drastically amped up the cute-critterwear. This collection is so full of leather, it makes me get all blubbery (as I’ve said, I love cows. Normally I can pretend the shoes are just made out of plastic (all the “leather” shoes I buy are), but this time I had to realize the ugly truth).

Michael Kors:

Okay, I like to hate Michael Kors more than anyone. I watch Project Runway, and our styles (both in how mean we choose to be, and fashionably) are often polar opposites. But I love this collection. Conceptually, at least. These are two of the only outfits not dripping with fox and kitty blood (you probably don’t want to read my blog anymore. I don’t belong to PETA, and PETA and I disagree on about as much as Michael Kors and I do). But pretend the fur isn’t there, and I’m all for it. Old Hollywood is awesome.


I think Libertine is that line that all other designers look at and think, “Man, I wish I could be that eclectically cool”. But they can’t; no one can. Sorry for posting two coats, but no I’m not. These coats are definitely two of the best parts of this collection.

I think I’ll wrap up there for now. TGIF!