by aquietfancy

The title isn’t another “that’s what she said”, if you have a dirty mind and just assumed that. Wednesday is Humpday, because it’s the hump of the school week. Did I use the word to define itself? It’s the middle of the week. There.

(My humpday is actually midnight on Tuesday, because I contrived the most wicked class schedule that starts on Monday afternoon and ends Thursday. My evil plot was destroyed by my nemesis, Thesis, which drags me in almost every Friday just in spite of me. Therefore I will be at school for twelve hours tomorrow and be back early Friday morning. My schedule-planning supervillain equivalent is the warlord from Despicable Me, but without the army of sweet little minions.)


I actually have lots of homework tonight, so no feature post. Here are your Humpday Highlights:


Now, I wouldn’t be posting this if Portland’s H&M was one of the stores selling Marni tomorrow for two reasons: 1) I would be downtown right now, pitching a tent in front of the store, and 2) because I would consider you my competition and hope to keep you uninformed. But I’m selfless, and Portland is too hipster to have an H&M selling Marni, so:


Things are going to sell out in hours, if not minutes. To see if the store near you will be selling the line, go here. Don’t worry about store hours. Go now. I promise, you won’t be alone. You can view the entire collection on Fashionologie.

Warning, though. This collection is a more expensive than things from H&M usually are. Make sure to check the price tags and do some investigating first!


I’m eating a Round Table gourmet veggie pizza right now. It’s delicious. If you’re skeptical of Round Table, don’t be. Get the garlic twists.

What I’m reading about:

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A couple responses: Musa Okwonga, Foreign Affairs I, Foreign Affairs II, Visible Children – I have lots of thoughts on this, but I’ll reserve them for now.

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