Quick post: Monday highlights

by aquietfancy

Today I realized just how hard it may be for me to fit full posts into my schedule every day.  And not because I’m super busy I don’t have time for it, I do most days.  However, my tendency to procrastinate all day has been a little out of control this final semester, and I spend most of my day putting off my school priorities (okay, most might be a stretch, but a lot). So for the next two months this will be the game plan.  On days when I am a responsible human being, I will write the posts I have planned.  On days like today and thesis due dates, I will organize posts in the following way:

Fashion find:

Need Supply’s new sunny March lookbook- I look forward to these every month!  Men’s too.Need Supply Co.

Drooling over:

This fig and olive tapenade on Food 52Food 52

What I’m following in the news:

*Indicates this is an article from the New York Times in case you do not subscribe and don’t want to use your monthly quota on one of these articles.  I will try to limit these to opinion pieces and editorials.

Also, we saw Wanderlust tonight.  Right now I’ll give it a C rating very arbitrarily.  Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd get double A’s for just being themselves.